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"Because the problem is not the broken device, rather it’s to find the right guy to fix it"

"Got my home theatre repaired from a local repair shop and in just few weeks, it again started giving troubles. When I contacted them back they denied any guarantee of their work. I even doubt the genuineness of parts they used and fear that they might have replaced the original parts with low quality replicas. There is a dire need for a reliable repair partner."
Mr Duggal, Businessman, Gandhi Nagar

"That day I decided to treat my family with a newly learnt recipe of mine and I found that my oven is not working. When I called a repair shop they said it will take 3-5 days to fix it which can even stretch to weeks for critical fault or if the spares are not available. I wish there was a company which provided fast repair services for household and kitchen appliances as they are supposed to be used every day for daily chores."
Mrs Gupta, Housewife, Saket

"There was some cooling problem with our refrigerator. We are a working couple and it is difficult to call someone for repair on weekdays, so, we booked an appointment for Saturday afternoon. On Saturday when he did not show up, we called him repeatedly and every time he had a new excuse. He finally came and diagnosed on Sunday evening and needed more time to fix it, which he finally did next weekend. That idiot spoiled our weekends and we felt so helpless. Working families like us need a convenient, punctual and committed service provider for our repair needs."
Mrs Joshi, IT professional, Gurgaon

What a local repair mechanic and unorganized small establishments can’t provide:

  • Not all can provide competent and trained mechanics able to fix all kinds of appliances
  • Not all can provide post repair guarantee of their work
  • Not all can guarantee punctuality and fixed timeline for their work
  • Not all can assure you the quality of parts they use
  • Not all can be trusted for not replacing your genuine parts with low grade components
  • Not all can provide a free quote pre repair and a promise of no additional charges post repair
  • Not all can provide a professional conduct to their customers
  • Not all are accessible 24 X 7
In short, not all can provide hassle-free services as VIYANTA does

What Viyanta offers to its customers:

Viyanta is a premier and experienced repair, maintenance and installation services provider in Delhi and other NCR. We follow a customer first approach and our services are reliance, fast and convenient. Our success in providing hassle free services to our customers is evident from the fact that a number of our customers are coming to us from past 10-15 years. Some of the key features of our services are:

  • We've highly trained and multiple years experienced technicians for all repair, maintenance and installation jobs
  • We provide post repair no questions asked 90 days guarantee of all our work
  • We guarantee punctuality and offer a 50% flat discount to our service charges in case we are late for the job
  • We use only high quality spare parts and also provide an inventory of all the parts we used to service your device
  • We provide a free pre-work quotation and the same amount is charged post-work without any surprise charges
  • We are professionals and be assured that each member of Viyanta is prescreened, for his / her credentials, before hiring him / her to our team
  • We can be reached 24 X 7 through our multi-channel request system
We seek to be your one-stop, hassle-free destination for all your repair, maintenance and installation needs.